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  Luda is a leading large auto parts forging factory, products from which are all of best quality; is a melting pot molding first-class workforce, every employee growing up in which is righteous and honest. It is fifteen years of trials and hardships, ups and downs, that forges Luda culture.
  We stick to integrity. We take integrity more important and precious than the gold, and we firmly believe that when there is no integrity, there is nothing.
  As our ancestors disciplined, persons without integrity can reach nothing. Luda believes that enterprises without integrity do harm to others and themselves. We put integrity as long-term investment, turning intangible assets into tangible assets, the immediate interests into long-term interests. We will always be honest and trustworthy.
  Luda is honest to customers. We always adhere to a belief that we would rather give up a lot of interests than lose a bit of integrity. Words spoken can never be retrieved. Orders are credit, and quality life. Regardless of ebb and flow in the market, new and old acquaintances, we always stick to integrity, and keep our promises. Integrity and honesty of Luda did never change despite of fifteen years of vicissitudes, making Luda brand famous at home and abroad.
  Luda is honest to employees. Luda is an honest and trustworthy, warm and harmonious family. Mutual sincerity and trust is the bridge and link between the company and staff, but also the company’s fine tradition and excellent quality. In Luda, we always stick to the principle of honesty and integrity, from the development blueprint, to the production process management, and the staff team construction, without lies, or promises not kept. In Luda, performance appraisal, salary payment, evaluation, regardless of positions, regardless of seniority, are all subject to the quality and performance.
  Luda is honest to the society. Adhering to that we would rather be let down, than let down the whole world. Fifteen years of compliance with the law and tax-paying credit gives Luda good reputation; fifteen years of helping the poor and caring for the society awards Luda wide praise. Regardless of how the situation changes, Luda will always tries its best to contribute to the development of social welfare.
  We adhere to people-oriented, putting people first. We firmly reject the idea of cold machine without humanity.
  Luda people together create the brilliance of the company, and Luda erects a stage of self-realization for them. In Luda, personal values ​​and corporate values ​​complement each other.
  Luda relies on employees. It is a large machine of high-speed operation, and each employee is an integral part of this machine. It needs close cooperation of various components to always keep the machine steady and coordinated. Employees work hard to forge the past struggle, and create the current achievements. More brilliant tomorrow, still relies on the staff to strive for.
  Luda unifies employees. “When in Luda, be a Luda!”Every employee is the master of Luda, and employees and the company have a common fate. The company is always concerned about the well-being of employees. Struggling and sharing with the staff together is an inexhaustible motive force of Luda ten years of development. To meet the material and cultural needs of staff, we plan and construct workshops along with apartments, restaurants, sports facilities. Sincere benevolence, civilized and comfortable living environment, salary treatment of more pay for more work, attract talents all come to Luda.
  Luda cultivates employees. We have the confidence and ability to develop first-class workforce. Moral Rules of Staff contributes to the civilized team of discipline, etiquette, literacy, and competence; Codes of Cadres shapes the modern corporate management team with excellent business skills, perfect work style, courage for exploit and challenge; Luda News, Songs of Luda and other colorful cultural carrier, gather up the teamwork of righteousness and energy.
  We conform rules. We take rules as the yardstick of justice, fairness and openness. We put the rules into every corner of the company.
  No rules, no standards. We advocate “virtuousness”, but we also pay more attention to “the rule of law”. In Luda, rules are not just words hanging on the wall, but the principle imprinted in the hearts of every employee. In Luda, the rules are “the most high-handed”, which can not only bind on individuals, but also regulate things. So everyone have rules to follow, laws to abide by, and are sincerely convinced.
  Luda rules are fair. A series of rules and regulations of the company apply to all employees, from top management down to the general staff. All people are equal before the rules. If any violation, sanction according to rules, without exception.
  Luda rules are open. We fully respect staff’s right to know, and to speak, maximizing channels for demands and appeals of staff, making every employee become the company’s manager and supervisor. There is definitely no “personal relation” for wages income, benefits, cadre selection and evaluation, all open to the public.
  We are enterprising. Entrepreneurial spirit stimulates us to move forward, and encourages all employees to brave all difficulties and scale new heights
  The secret of development of Luda, from small to big, from weak to strong, is the entrepreneurial spirit, never admitting defeat, never satisfied, never stopping fighting.
  Luda people are creative. Faced with the ever-changing and vigorous industry situation, Luda has more intense sense of keeping with the times and struggling for the best, and accelerates creative thinking, innovation management, market development, and product structure adjustment. From low-end products to high-end products, from the primary maintenance to OEM vehicle matching, from the ordinary auto parts processing enterprise to the Chinese auto parts export base classed by the Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission, the mystery of Luda rapid development is ——forever keeping with market demands and constant innovation.
  Honesty,people-oriented, rules, and enterprising spirit forge righteousness and integrity of Luda, like four carriages with neck and neck, leading Luda people to continue to meet new challenges, embark on a new journey, and create new glories. A new Luda, full of vitality and boundless good prospects, is being showed in the world.
  “Quality and integrity, win the world”,which is the essence of Luda culture, the vow of being assiduous and faithful.